Cimar Edappal

Established in 1996, CIMAR EDAPPAL was the first centre in north Kerala to be set up exclusively for infertility treatment. Under the initiative of Dr. K.K.Gopinathan, the centre adopted the most advanced techniques and updated its equipments with the worlds latest technology. Set in a small village of Edappal, the location was most ideal for the infertile couples.

As a centre known for its academic excellence, it has been host to several national and international level conferences. CIMAR EDAPPAL is the first FOGSI recognised advanced infertility training centre in South India and also provides training in laparoscopy and ultrasound.

To keep the faculty updated on international development in the field of ART and FETAL MEDICINE, they are invited to participate in CME's and workshops world over.

The centre delivered the first ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) baby of Kerala in the year 1998 and gave way to several more success stories. With the introduction of ICSI, CIMAR revolutionised the treatment for male infertility in Kerala. This was soon followed by first PGD baby in south India in the year 2001.


Fetomaternal Medicine
Routine Antenatal Care & Labour
Dept of Mind Body Medicine


How to get there

Nearest Airport : Karipur International Airport
Nearest Railway Stations :


Nearest Bustands :

KSRTC Bus Stop, Edappal (500 Meters)
Private Bus Stand, Edappal (500 Meters)

Contact Address & Phone Numbers


Edappal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd
P.O. Edappal, Malappuram District,
Kerala - 679576.

Phone : +91 494 2680755
E-Mail :
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre
CIMAR - Fertility Centre

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