Delayed puberty or inappropriate secondary sexual development

Abnormal Puberty

Abnormal puberty, whether premature or delayed, may adversely influence each of these events resulting in an untimely or altered ability for spontaneous secondary sexual development and spontaneous reproduction or abnormal growth.

Puberty is the period of growth that bridges childhood to adulthood and results in physical and sexual maturity as well as the capacity for reproduction. Significant pathology can result in both advanced and delayed puberty and can result in altered attainment of adult height, secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive capacity.

In recent years numerous advances have been made in molecular medicine and the assisted reproductive technologies. The impact of these advances has had a tremendous effect on the care of patients with abnormal puberty by changing the initial counseling provided to our patients, allowing for new treatments during the time of altered pubertal growth; and, providing reproductive options to individuals previously known to be infertile and some considered sterile. In addition, new insight about the physiology of puberty and the genetics of these disorders has accumulated.

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