Ovulation Analysis in Fertility Diagnosis

Analysis in fertility diagnosis – Ovulation analysis is the process by which the fertility is assessed to find the fertile window and general assessment. Various methods exist for ovulation testing.


Cervical Mucus

It becomes clear and strictly, during the fertile window allowing sperms to survive and travel through it. The consistency is akin to egg white and can be early assessed during post coital test.


Cervical Position

Cervix becomes soft, open and wet during fertile window.


Ultrasound and ovulation analysis

To assess the endometrial thickness of patfern, follicular development and confirmation of ovulation by presence of a rupture/haemorrhageic follicle or a corpus luteum and fluid in POD.


Ovulation Prediction Kit

Antibody tests for LH, which peaks in urine around time of ovulation. Also available are clear blue fertility monitors that also test for estrogen hormones.


Basal Body Temperature

Higher progesterone released during menstrual cycle causes abrupt increase in basal body temperature by 0.50C to 10C at the time of ovulation which can be measured using thermometer.


Luteal Phase Testing

Evaluating the levels of progesterone in the luteal phase helps in confirming ovulation, so also does a endometrial biopsy.

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