CIMAR Testimonial

Ravi K.P.

CIMAR Testimonial - Ravi K.P.

We really appreciate the personal attention given to us by entire staff of Cimar Cochin, and we never experienced/seen such a hospitality /attention in other hospitals during our treatment since 2006 in Kerala as well as in Oman. I would like to also draw the attention that treatment expenses are very economical Regarding the accommodation, Cimar giving very good /cleaned rooms and patient can stay along during the day/night time, as my wife never experienced any loneliness/scared, but experienced as very safely/secured place, because of throughout the day/night staff nurses are coming to the rooms whenever she required their services/attention. We express our gratitude and appreciate to the entire Staff of Cimar Cochin Hospital, and we recommend/ and still recommending to our friends/relatives for quality and valued Infertility Treatment with our own experiences.

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