Premature Babies

Pemature babies – NICU baby’s life had a dramatic change when they are discharged to home. The well controlled NICU atmosphere change to normal environment and the parents should take precautions and extreme care to help the babies to adapt the new environment.

Life after NICU

Babies born premature are not ready for the life outside the womb and there may be some delay to achieve the milestones what we expect from a full term infant. This delay is normal and no need to worry in most of the cases.  Your neonatologist will give an idea about the expected developmental milestones according to their prematurity and chronological age. They will do a detailed developmental assessment for the premature babies.

The developmental milestones achieved will differ based on how early they were born, any conditions they have, and any treatments they receive.

What should do to help premature babies to hit their milestones?

Support your child with long sessions of kangaroo care.  It helps to keep the baby warm and comfort. Also establishing a mother baby interaction and help them in gaining weight more quickly.

The premature babies need sometime to adapt the life outside the NICU.

How can we make life outside the NICU bearable?

  • The most important thing to make sure that the parents of premature babies will need a support to care the baby. It is extremely difficult to handle a premature babies alone especially some emergency situation like aspiration. It’s far better for you and your child if you get help when you need it.


  • Babies need adequate feeding along with proper sleep in between to gain weight. Babies expend energy by fussing and crying. Keeping the babies calm is important to gain weight preemies can’t be calm may experience slower growth rates.  It is better to consult with your neonatologist if you are not able to calm the baby. If your baby is not responding to your soothing methods, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent.  Even full-term parents have difficulties adjusting to their newborn.  Group support is most important for care of premature babies.

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