Quality Care

Quality Care – CIMAR is a state-of-the-art hospital in the city of Kochi which focuses on making high quality medical care available to all. CIMAR is a unique hospital facility that redefines the concept of patient care. We provide the most advanced and specialized medical care in an environment conducive to the physical and mental well-being of a patient.


Providing Effective Patient Care in a Welcoming Environment

Compared to the typical hospital environment, CIMAR is a more peaceful and comforting experience. We have chosen the banks of Cheranellore river as the location for our hospital. This strategic location is easily accessible from the city of Kochi and at the same time, provides a retreat-like experience. The quietness of the place is calming and refreshing and adds immense value to the hospital environment.

The building is planned and designed with the key focus on providing a good hospital experience for the patients. Whether a patient spends a couple of hours in the hospital or makes the facility his / her home for a couple of days, we have taken care to make sure that CIMAR is a rejuvenating experience for every patient. While designing the interiors, we have avoided the typical hospital room look to create a welcoming environment. Most advanced facilities and medical equipment for patient care are carefully incorporated into the interiors without disturbing its serenity.


A Unique Healing Experience For Inpatients

The rooms are spacious and well-lit. In our rooms, every aspect is designed to give our patients the comfort of their homes. We have successfully managed to integrate advanced facilities for patient care in our rooms without disturbing the comfort. Various patient support services, for mental and physical well-being, are easily accessible for every patient at CIMAR.

The presence of their families in the hospital helps the patients in coping with mental and physical strain. Our rooms have the facilities to comfortably accommodate bystanders. Since the company of loved ones can be comforting for the patient and make him / her feel less isolated, our rooms are provided with separate areas where the patient can spend time with visitors.


A Seamless Hospital Experience For Out Patients

While designing the hospital facility, we have taken care to provide a seamless hospital experience for outpatients too. The corridors are spacious with multiple waiting areas. Peace and quiet are maintained in the corridors and waiting areas too. Appropriate signs and information boards are placed at regular intervals to help the patients move around the hospital. Our friendly staff will also help outpatients to use the services at the hospital without any hassle.


Patient Safety

We understand the importance of patient safety in the hospital environment. We take care of each and every aspect to make sure that patient safety is not compromised at any point. We maintain proper ventilation and filtration systems to control and prevent the spread of infections.

Sinks and alcohol hand rubs are present in multiple locations for hand wash. Our staff strictly maintain good hand hygiene. We educate the patients and their bystanders about the importance of hand hygiene. Good hand hygiene plays a major role in preventing infections. At CIMAR, we keep the standards of hand hygiene high.


Quality Relationships

Positive interactions with the staff plays a major role in providing a good hospital experience for the patient. Our clinicians, nurses, paramedical and other staff are friendly and compassionate. The staff is trained to communicate effectively with the patients and their families. In a lucid yet compassionate way, our staff educates the patients and their families about the nature of their ailment. They are given clear instructions on how to cope with the situation and maintain a lifestyle in accordance with the patient’s health condition. The staff is also willing to listen to the patients, understand their condition and be a support system for the patients and their families.



Our  achievements are one of the  indicators of a quality healthcare. You may click the link ‘Achievements‘ to how more about us.


Patient Testimony

Patient satisfaction is the ultimate achievement. It indicates what we are. You may click the link ‘Testimony‘ to how more about our patient experiences.

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