NABH Accreditation

The first fertility hospital in India to be graded in the HCO category.
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NABH Accreditation

The first fertility hospital in India to be graded in the HCO category.
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Centre for Infertility Management & Assisted Reproduction

Fertility Clinic at – Cochin | Edappal | Coimbatore | Dubai | Thiruvalla

Fertility Clinic

The first in vitro fertilisation centre (IVF) and fertility clinic of northern Kerala was launched in September 1996 as a project of Edappal Hospitals (P) Ltd, Edappal. In fact, it was the Infertility Division of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of this hospital who did pioneering work in endoscopy and related fields which was transformed into CIMAR, when the IVF facilities were added. Naturally CIMAR became the leader in infertility treatment in northern Kerala.

CIMAR Fertility Centre

“Our fertility clinic is committed to perfecting the technological advances in healthcare and fertility management services. We update the professional skills of our team through a process of continuous training and reviews”.

Multi-disciplinary team of experienced fertility doctors, nurses and other supporting staff at CIMAR will make your fertility treatment personalised and their skill and experience will achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Wherever you are, we make your fertility treatment easy. Our fertility clinics at four different locations make it convenient for you.

CIMAR Cochin is a more peaceful and comforting experience. We have chosen the banks of Cheranellore river as one of the location for our fertility clinic. The strategic location of this fertility clinic is easily accessible from the city of Kochi and at the same time, provides a retreat-like experience. The quietness of the place is calming and refreshing and adds immense value.

Our Services


Infertility is not a disease but a condition where in a particular couple is not able to conceive. Infertility problems in a couple can be due to either the woman or the man, or it can be even due to problems in both partners. A couple that has tried unsuccessfully to have a child for a year or more is said to be sub-fertile meaning less fertile than a typical couple. The couple’s fecund-ability rate is approximately 3-5%. Many of its causes are the same as those of infertility. Such causes could be endometriosis …..



Generally, worldwide it is estimated that one in seven couples have problems conceiving, ….

Fetomaternal Medicine

Our FM Unit is unique and probably the first and only unit …

Endoscopic Surgery

An Endoscopy procedure means looking inside and typically refers to …

High Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and happy phase of women’s life…

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Being a world class fertility centre, it is needless to say that …


Our neonatology department ensures that the precious little one to them goes home safe …

Mind Body Medicine

Happy and successful marriages are based on mutual respect, ..


A fully equipped cyto-genetic lab aids both the FMU and the infertility unit. The genetic lab ..


Dr. Meenu Batra Parasuram

Dr. Meenu Batra Parasuram MBBS, DMRD


Dr. Meenu Batra Parasuram, Consultant Radiologist, Dept of Feto-Maternal Medicine (Maternal–fetal medicine) at CIMAR Cochin and Edappal Hospitals Pvt Ltd. Doctor is also In charge of Department of Genetics.

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Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan

Dr. Bijoy Balakrishnan, MS (OBG)

Consultant Obstetrician

Dr. Bijoy is the Specialist Lead Consultant, Fetal Medicine Unit, CIMAR (Edappal and Cochin) since 2007. The Fetal Medicine Unit deals with 5,500 deliveries annually, of which 30 % are high-risk pregnancies.

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Dr. Parasuram Gopinath

Dr. Parasuram Gopinath MS (OBG)

Consultant & Scientific Director – CIMAR Cochin

Dr. Parasuram Gopinath completed his post-graduation in Obstetrics and Gynecology, his work has been mainly focused on infertility and embryology. He had undergone further training in Advanced Reproductive Techniques like Oocyte Cryopreservation, IMSI, IVM etc. from several centers in Singapore, Germany & Canada.

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Dr. K.K. Gopinathan


Founder Chairman and Executive Director

Dr. K.K. Gopinathan has carried out more than 25,000 Laparoscopic Surgeries including sterilization. Recognized as the first Laparoscopic Surgeon of Kerala state Health Service and has supervised over 100,000 deliveries.

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CIMAR Patient Testimony

Bijo Thomas & Sigi Bijo

By God’s grace we got a baby girl on 16th October 2017 by the help of Cimar Hospital. We congratulate nursing staffs, PRO’s for giving us special care on our hospital days. We have consulted many hospitals, but we didn’t get a positive response from any of the hospital except Cimar Cochin. This hospital is a blessings & hope for all who dont have a kid yet.



We are eternally grateful to you doctor for your tireless efforts and dedication. Your pioneering work lead us to commensurate results. Your expertise and excellence made a mark of its own. Your goodwill and rapport ………..

CIMAR Testimony

Sminu and Neeraja

My surgery took place in a really relaxed and professional ambient. I’m really happy with the results.

CIMAR Testimony


Thank you Dr. Bijoy and his team and the entire CIMAR staff for bearing with my paranoia throughout the pregnancy and for making our journey to parenthood, an event to cherish and remember always.


News and Events

MOM Newsletter

MOM Newsletter

As Kerala’s primary centre for infertility solutions, backed by years of research and development, we believe it’s our responsibility to eradicate infertility in our beautiful state which is known globally for its brilliant people…….
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Surrogacy Mathrubhumi News

Surrogacy, Mathrubhumi News

ഷഷ്ടിപൂര്‍ത്തിയുടെ പടിവാതില്‍ക്കല്‍ എത്തിനില്‍ക്കെ വി.എസ്. അനില്‍കുമാറിനും രത്‌നമ്മയ്ക്കും കൈവന്നത് ഇരട്ടക്കുട്ടികളുടെ സൗഭാഗ്യം. 31 വര്‍ഷത്തെ കാത്തിരി………..പ്രമുഖ നിരൂപകനും ചിന്തകനുമായ എം.എന്‍. വിജയന്‍ മാഷിന്റെ മകനായ വി.എസ്.
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Surrogacy Mathrubhumi News


“Always expect the worst so that you never get disappointed”, was the quote that kept hopes of retired professor Mr. Anil Kumar alive and seek fertility treatment over 20 years. Anil Kumar, a writer and a poet in Malayalam and Rathnamma tried all kinds of treatment methods, including Ayurveda, Siddha, ……….
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Male Infertility

Male Infertility

Male infertility is on an alarming rise in Kerala due to changing lifestyles, excessive stress, environ-mental and behavioral problems, hormonal imbalances, genetic disorders and psychological issues. The trend is being increasingly noticed in the IT sector, according to a study by Kochi-based infertility centre, CIMAR.
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Advanced Laser Treatment for Monochorionic Twin Pregnancies

Laser Treatment for Monochorionic Twin Pregnancies

The Centre for Infertility Management and Assisted Reproduction (CIMAR) has launched facility to treat cases related to monochorionic pregnancy at its centre in Kochi. Cimar has introduced new treatment towards complications of monochorionic twin pregnancies.
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CIMAR Cochin
Unit of Edappal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,
Cheranaloor Thykkavu Bus Stop, Tippu Sulthan Road,
Cheranellore, Ernakulam District, Kerala, Pin – 682034
India. Phone : +91 484 4134444, 0484 4134404/ 405/ 406
Email :


CIMAR Coimbatore
2nd Floor Manu Hospital, 1, Paari Nagar,
Sungam Bye-pass Road,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Pincode – 641045
Phone: +91 422 6474050


CIMAR Edappal
Edappal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
Pattambi Road, Edappal, Pincode – 679 576
Malappuram District, Kerala, India
Phone : +91-494-2680755/ 2660200
Email :

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Clinic
Al Muhaisnah Polyclinic,
Lulu village, Muhaisnah – 4, Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone: 00971 4 2646763, 4-2544123
Mobile: 00971 528895520, Fax: 00971 4 2544124

Dubai Clinic

Al Muhaisnah Polyclinic, Lulu village, Muhaisnah – 4, Dubai





Phone: 00971 4 2646763, 4-2544123
Mobile: 00971 528895520
Fax: 00971 4 2544124

Cimar Coimbatore

2nd Floor Manu Hospital, 1, Paari Nagar, Sungam Bye-pass Road, Coimbatore 641045.





Phone: 0422 6474050

Cimar Edappal

Edappal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, P.O. Edappal, Malappuram District, Kerala – 679576.





Phone: +91 494 2680755

Cimar Cochin

CIMAR Cochin, Off NH-17, Thykkavu Bus Stop, Cheranaloor, Edappally, Kochi – 682034





Phone: +91 484 4134444
Fax: +91 484 4134455

CIMAR Thiruvalla

CIMAR Thiruvalla, Tricare Diagnostic Centre, M.G. Road, Thiruvalla, Kottayam Dist.





Phone: 0469-2600664
Mobile: +91-8606917109

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