Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine – Happy and successful marriages are based on mutual respect, understanding, love, care and healthy sexual life. It is all the more important that these problems be solved in the context of the stress and strain of modern life. We in CIMAR focus on the total wellbeing of mind and body.


  • Counselling for patients undergoing infertility treatment
  • Specialized counselling and therapy for sexual dysfunctions and disorders
  • Family/Marital counselling
  • Premarital counselling and sex education
  • Relaxation therapies
  • Psychotherapy

Common sexual problems we deal with are

Erectile Dysfunction, Premature or delayed ejaculation, Fear of Sexual Intercourse, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, Non-consummated marriages, Lack/Loss of sexual desire, orgasmic disorder, arousal disorders, general break down in a couple’s relationship.

Mrs. Manna Susan George MA Psychology

Mrs. Manna Susan George MA Psychology

Psychologist and Behaviour Therapist

Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

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