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11, November 2018

“Very good service. I can say excellent, comparing to any other hospital in Cochin. 9/10 Nurses are kind and pleasing. Open minded caring staff without any drama. Doctor (Dr. Divya Jose)which we consulted was very kind, mild nature with good knowledge. During delivery the service was smart and quick with real care. See more



9, October 2018

“I had my delivery on feb10, 2016 blessed with a cute baby girl and she is now 2years. But now also when i am in cochin i consult dr. Divya for gynec issues and dr. Thomas or dr. Rohin for pediatric cases. I feel 100per satisfied and confident when i came there especially seeing there smiling faces and caring they gave See more

Suchithra KpSuchithra


3, October 2018

“I am having pcos, thyroid, irregular mensuration and some other hormone complications. It was clear in the scanning report also but the Cimar team never mentioned about it and told me that am perfectly alright and gave me positive energy. I followed their instructions and within 2months I conceived. I had never expected See more

Ninu Thomas


18, May 2018

“Such an amazing experience ..if I ever suggest a maternity hospital to anyone, then that will be cimar.. From the top to the bottom… Its perfect… My Dr. Divya Jose ..woww..what an amazing lady..she is the best Dr. The moment you see her you will feel better. Thank you dr for encouraging me for a normal delivery .. Dr. Thomas renjith Th pediatrician. the coolest Dr. Ever..,He will clear all your doubts without even asking, especially when you are a new mom, like me ..nurses, cleaners public relation officers, everyone, if I could name everyone I would, that much satisfied I am with my experience …thank you cimar.. ”

litty thomas


18, May 2018

“I had my second delivery at this hospital and it really lived up to my expectations. Everyone from the doctor to the nursing staff are the best. Dr Divya Jose is the best doctor and she made my birthing experience memorable. Kudos to the wonderful team. Go for it and you won’t regret your decision . ”

16, March 2018

“The care & support given by them is really commendable. The baby and the mother, are given the right care. They are all, people filled with, and radiating positive energy”

Devika Adithya Das


31, March 2018

“Hi all..i had consulted cimar fetomaternity dept (Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan nd team) after my normal conception..as i heard the scan here s very accurate and perfect compared to other scans in other hospitals. Frankly i really understood the difference when ernakulam medical centre completed my anomaly scan in 3 minutes where as cimar took 3 hrs minimum that too in different sessions. Dr Meenu Batra did my scan. Finally when on my day of delivery i was rushed to hospital on 1:00 See more

Karthik Gopal


17, March 2018

“Probably a bit late but never too late to thank this great hospital by acknowledging the excellent work done by their doctors and staff. Me and my wife were gifted with twins this year on Feb and the entire hospital (includes everyone) were very helpful, friendly and were spot on with the suggestions and medicinal intakes required for a high risk pregnancy. Cimar hospital is the ray of hope for anyone having double doubts about their chances of getting pregnant (ever). ResultSee more

12, March 2018

“Thank you very much for giving the gift of our life Anamaya. The treatment, hospitality and personal relation forwarded by the hospital is very very excellent. Thanks to each and every one, mentioning a name will not justify, since every one in the hospital were very much co-operative.”

Niyas Kn


17, April 2017

“I am writing this letter to inform my heartfelt thank you to cymer hospital and it’s staff.we are thankful to hospital for your guidance and support because ours 7 years dream success today afternoon. Thank god we blessed baby boy .our special thanks to Dr.parasuram and Dr.karthika and all doctors and staff.we are proud to say cymer Cochin hospital is in the world number one hospital why because we feel of hospital experience and this hospital staff support also.Thank you so much ……..”

26, February 2018

“PHad my 2nd delivery at cimar, cesarean. It was a great experience. from the doctors, to the staff, anaesthetist.;-)..It is really a premium birthing centre. N I would definitely recommend it to all.”

Soumia Vadakkedath


10, December 2017

“Thank you so much for bringing Vedh into our life and making me feel whole….. We got the best of treatment, best of consultation and best of technology…. I want to personally thank Dr Gopinathan, Dr Parasuram, Dr Bijoy, Dr Bibin, Dr Meenu Parasuram and total nursing staff for their kind attention, timely help and giving us hope when we lost it completely…. Thank you”

Tinchumol Das


18, October 2017

“A great and heartfelt gratitude to all the staff of CIMAR. I was blessed with a baby boy on July 26. Through out my pregnancy period I was offered great care and hospitality. I would like to specially thank Dr Divya and Dr. Sunil for their constant guidance and support. Even all the nurses who did their work with sincerity”

Parvathy Subash


25, July 2015

“Cimar gives one many reasons to be happy and have a wonderful and joyous life blessed with beautiful babies.Its a place which teaches parents to be only hopeful , positive and always happy. God through the hands of teams led by Dr Gopinathan and Bijoy blessed us with a beautiful baby making our life wonderful.”

Ammu Bijoy


13, May 2015

“Excellent staff and very good service.. i highly recommend this hospital for any infertility related issues. We r bleesed with twins… Thanking Dr Parushuraman and team in infertility and Dr Bijoy and team in FETO for their excellent service..”


By God’s grace we got a baby girl on 16th October 2017 by the help of Cimar Hospital. We congratulate nursing staffs, PRO’s for giving us special care on our hospital days. We have consulted many hospitals, but we didn’t get a positive response from any of the hospital except Cimar Cochin. This hospital is a blessings & hope for all who dont have a kid yet.

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We are eternally grateful to you doctor for your tireless efforts and dedication. Your pioneering work lead us to commensurate results. Your expertise and excellence made a mark of its own. Your goodwill and rapport of all souls of CIMAR gave us a new life. Your...

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We are extremely thankful for all, your sincere efforts and care you delivered on us while we are……………….

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Ravi K.P.

We really appreciate the personal attention given to us by entire staff of Cimar Cochin, and we never experienced/seen such a hospitality /attention in other hospitals during our treatment since 2006 in Kerala as well as in Oman. I would like to also draw the attention that treatment expenses……..

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Since our first visit to CIMAR Cochin in 2011 We truly appreciate the individual attention each patients given by the hospital doctors which we never enjoyed/seen in many of the other hospitals. Many thanks to the nurses, office staffs and doctors for their high level of professionalism, attention and devotion that……….

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Shankar Krishna

Respected Dr. Gopinath Sir, Dr. Parasu, Dr. Meenu, Dr. Betty, Dr. Karthika, Dr. Bijoy all CIMAR team – would like to inform you that Lakshmi Shankar delivered a baby girl. We take this opportunity to admire about the excellent hospital facility, consultation,...

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Ambili Sreemohan

Always keep in my heart ….the love, affection, care and consideration given by CIMAR and its team. From the heart I pray to God ……let the CIMAR be a comfort to thousands of its patients at large and let its prestige and popularity may fly beyond the sky…….

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Our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team especially, Dr. Bijoy, Dr. Meenu, Dr. Divya and the whole feto maternal team, of course the wonderful nursing staff, reception, PRO group and admin….

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I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all the real support, assistance and guidance provided by CIMAR. The entire was extremely pleasant. Profound thanks to Dr. Bijoy, Dr. Meenu and the entire nurses team. You can well imagine the happiness of a...

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Thank you Dr. Bijoy and his team and the entire CIMAR staff for bearing with my paranoia throughout the pregnancy and for making our journey to parenthood, an event to cherish and remember always.

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Krishnaraj Varma

My surgery took place in a really relaxed and professional ambient. I’m really happy with the results.

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Danish Shaikh

Would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Betty and anaesthetist, nurses and the entire CIMAR team for conducting a complicated yet a completely successful surgery on my wife Mariam Danish. CIMAR has indeed proved that this is God’s own country and has his people living with heart of God.

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